Dig Day 1 July 3

Photo 13-07-2017, 17 06 15 (1)

Gusty winds and showers greeted seventeen of us on Monday morning in Malham.  Today’s  volunteers had come not only from various regions of Yorkshire and Lancashire, but  also from as far afield as East Anglia and Germany. Over the weekend the ‘mess’ tent had blown over, so the first hour or so was spent trying to re-erect it.  Meanwhile, Stuart and Ann Wilkinson of Siddal Geophysical Services took further measurements and laid out red flags to show where the ‘track’ crossed the site on the geophysical survey.  Jeff set up the Total Station to help establish precise measurements and confirm where the trenches were to be dug.


Two trenches were set out before lunch; the first 2m x 2m trench was in the eastern end of the nave where there was an anomaly on the geophysical survey.  The second trench, 2m x 4m, was placed across the ‘track’ where it lay adjacent to the western end of the chapel.  The turfs were removed and good progress was made.  By the end of the afternoon there had been three finds; two sherds of late eighteenth/early nineteenth century  pottery,  and a sliver of glass.

DSC_0028 (Large)

And at 4.30 we departed, the wind still gusting and trying to attack the tent.  And then … the sun came out and a beautiful evening in Malham was promised.  Tomorrow is another day, and let’s hope for good weather.