Dig Day 2 July 4


Mist, mist, rain, mist, light rain, heavy rain, mist sums up Tuesday’s dig in Malham.  But this did not deter our brave band of diggers.  Despite the awful weather it was unanimously decided to proceed with the dig.

DSC_0056 (Large)

The two trenches opened on Monday yielded some small finds including sherds of pottery, a nail, and a sliver of lead.  The two trenches were extended and the hard work continued of removing the layers of rubble.

DSC_0059 (Large)       DSC_0058 (Large)




By mid-afternoon, after a brief retreat to the mess tent during a particularly heavy downpour, the extension to the chapel trench began to reveal the foundations of a southern wall.  But the real drama of the afternoon culminated in the discovery of a section of dressed stone with a decorative ridge and mortar in the ‘track’ trench.  This may have been part of the chapel building.  Lying next to it was another stone slab formed of two pieces.




The rain continued and it was unfortunately too late in the afternoon to remove the second stone.  And so another day awaits tomorrow to discover if the underside of the stone will reveal anything.

‘And the rain it raineth every day’

(Feste in Twelfth Night and in Malham)


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