Dig Day 3 July 5

‘Bring me sunshine. .…’  Well, our prayers were not quite answered, but at least it remained dry, even if rather overcast all day.  But no wind, thankgoodness. The ‘track’ trench was cleaned up and photographed, then  during  the afternoon a long time was spent  on the Planning.



DSC_0081 (Large)


Learning to use the Total Station to log the finds was embraced with great enthusiasm!!

DSC_0065 (Large)

The work on the nave trench continued.  Yesterday, the southern wall of the nave had been revealed and so the trench was extended southwards by a few centimetres.

P1050871     DSC_0098 (Large)

Gradually the southern wall foundations of the nave, as well as tumble,  began to emerge. In the central section of the trench a large stone was partially uncovered, which might possibly be the anomaly that was identified in the survey.

Further work was halted on the trench with a call to arms (literally) for everyone to help with the deturfing of a large trench on the southern precinct boundary, its purpose to investigate the  structure revealed in the geophysical survey.  After a break, and our energies revived by the wonderful chocolate cake and other goodies baked by one of the team,  only a short time remained to begin excavating the new trench before the end of the day.

Oh happy days!

DSC_0095 (Large)

Finds today included some small sherds of pottery, nails and a small piece of lead with the nails still intact.

P1050879            P1050878

And bring us real sunshine tomorrow…. please ..


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