Dig Day 5 July 7


‘Those bones, those bones, those dry bones.. Those stones, those stones ….’

‘You  English are obsessed with the weather’, so we are always told.  And it is true,  especially if you live in the Yorkshire Dales,  where the weather is always unpredictable and on occasions nothing like the forecast. And on an archaeological dig the weather can be very important. After a beautiful day yesterday, Friday’s weather can only be described as changeable: warmish, windy, chilly, overcast, and by mid-afternoon light rain  had descended.

DSC_0103 (Large)

Work continued in the large trench on the precinct boundary.  There were many pottery finds, including sherds of yellow and brown slipware, and one sherd that may prove to be much older.

P1050907         P1050905

A number of hand-wrought nails surfaced, and part of another flint.  To date there is no sign of the cross-wall identified on the geophysical survey; another small trench was opened nearby.

DSC_0114 (Large)

DSC_0104 (Large)

In the nave trench, we found charcoal deposits, tiny iron filaments and bone fragments. Eventually the large slab of stone was  carefully removed and measured,  and the underlying earth bagged for analysis.

Being Friday some of us repaired to the  one of the local hostelries to say goodbye to some of our diggers who were leaving,  and to welcome our American visitors,  one of whom is joining the dig.   Almost too late, we all remembered, some of us were to be on site early on Saturday morning.



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