Dig Day 6 July 8


It was a later start this morning as it was Saturday.  Surprisingly, fourteen volunteers turned up including  Hannah, one of the Yorkshire Dales National Park’s apprentices,   who helped  (wo) man the Total Station.


David Johnson gave a brief tour of the site and updated us  on  what had been discovered during the week.

The new trench on the precinct boundary is still raising some questions; so far there is no evidence of the cross-wall that had been on the geophys survey. However, it was decided to leave that trench until next week.

More excavation took place on the south-western corner of the chapel.


The ‘primitive wall’ structure has not yet been resolved and it seems unlikely from the positioning and alignment of the stones that it is simply tumble.  The trench was extended to confirm where the western end of the chapel lay, and the edge was located.



P1050938Another fragment of masonry was found in this trench, which may have been part of a doorway.  And just as we were packing up for the day another section of what may be more worked stone emerged, but there was no time to proceed any further.  Finds included  hand-forged iron nails and four sherds of green-glazed ware.

Extremely careful and cautious excavation was enacted in the nave trench.  The burnt ‘pit’ area was further revealed and the contents bagged, including charcoal deposits.  But it was slow and laborious work in a cramped space.

And now tomorrow, Sunday, a day of rest!  Thank goodness.  It’s been a hard week.


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