Dig Day 7 July 10

After a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Malham and with a spectacular full moon at the close of day,  we expected good weather on Monday morning.  Disappointingly, it was raining quite heavily at 7 am, and the clouds massing over Pikedaw did not bode for a good day weatherwise. Frequent showers continued throughout the morning and it was a dull afternoon.

DSC_0141 (Large)

Work recommenced on the trench near the ‘track’. The long dressed stone, which had been found  exposed in the trench  last week, was lifted.


The western plinth of the building is now clearly visible. The stone structure close to this  end of the chapel gradually emerged and it seems it may well be a buttress supporting the south-western corner. If this is correct, then it may give us some more information about the construction of the chapel.


P1050956And the anomaly along the ‘track’, which had given such a strong magnetic reading, turned out to be two parallel pipes. However, this does not rule out the possibility of a previous track along the same course.

DSC_0155 (Large)

Digging continued in the trench near the boundary wall, but no sign of any structure  visible in the geophysical survey has yet appeared. Sheila and Maurice spent most of the day on the Planning in this trench.


In the nave trench the very slow and cautious excavation continued in the small clay pit surrounded by a circle of stones. There was evidence of burning, and charcoal and animal bones were bagged.

Finds today included some small pottery sherds,  charcoal, glass fragments and iron-forged nails.

By the end of the day the rain had disappeared, so we hope for good weather tomorrow.


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