Dig Day 9 July 12

DSC_0197 (Large)

‘Here comes the sun’ – at LAST!   A beautiful day in Malham for an archaeological dig.  Good progress was made.

The north-eastern corner of the chapel was more fully exposed, and the structure uncovered does seem to  reveal another buttress.  From their construction both buttresses are perhaps later in date than the chapel building itself.

Work continued in the trench on the precinct boundary.  It reveals the continuation of a long, stone bank.  Three huge boulders were exposed, but to date there is no sign of any building.  Few finds from this trench were found today and it was cleaned up for Planning. Exhausting work in the heat of today.

DSC_0170 (Large)

The pit in the nave revealed substantial clay deposits,  surrounded by small stones.  Further excavation continued near the southern wall.

We entertained visitors today, including Professor Richard Hoyle, who gave us an impromptu and interesting take on the Reformation during the lunch hour break..

DSC_0182 (Large)

And again, we were treated to not just to ONE cake, but to a choice of three cakes, courtesy of Muriel.  Wonderful,  and just what we needed to give us the additional energy for the rest of the afternoon.

DSC_0194 (Large)

And tomorrow, not only are we digging,  but we also will welcome the children from Kirkby Malham Primary School in the morning.  They will be involved in activities to stimulate their interest in history and archaeology.  In the afternoon, we are open to the public until 7 pm.


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