Dig Day 11 July 14

The Final Day

Photo 13-07-2017, 17 06 15 (1)

A cold,  gusty day in Malham. Unfortunately, not all our diggers were there for the final day.

All the trenches were cleared for photography and any Planning that remained was completed.

DSC_0283 (Large)


The trench at the eastern end of the nave


The trench at the south western end of the chapel showing the buttress


The trench on the southern boundary of the chapel precinct

Little remained to be done other than to clear the site, remove our belongings, take down the tents,  and pack up.  Already by lunchtime a large notice advertising Malhamdale Show in August on the field gate had replaced our notices relating to the Dig. The trenches are to be filled in next week,  so by early afternoon we were all ready to depart.

We all  made our goodbyes, hoping that we would  keep in contact with  the new friends that we had made on the dig and that our overseas visitors  would not forget their stay in Malham. It has been an enjoyable dig and generated  interesting and challenging  interpretations.  There will now be a long wait  before we receive the results of any finds sent for analysis.

DSC_0291c (Large)

A big thank you to everyone involved.  And you never know – we might return for another season of excavation….



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