Postscript 27 July, 2017

Photo 13-07-2017, 16 32 38 (1)

The trenches have now been put to bed on the chapel site – a gang of six have relaid the turf this week formally bringing to an end the 2017 Field Season –  and the sheep have returned to graze the site.

The charcoal, bone and soil deposit samples are ready to go the labs. The glass is to go to the glass expert, the metal items are all identified,  the pot sherds have been sorted and catalogued and are now being individually marked before they go to the pottery expert. And it will be months before we have all the results back.

A heartfelt thankyou to everyone who took part in the dig and to those who supported us in other ways. In total, 42 volunteers were involved contributing 198.5 person-days on site and it was a job well done.

Whether we will be returning next year will be dependent on the results of new surveys and the agreement of the landowner. And if there is to be a fourth season we shall be hoping our wonderful volunteers from 2017 will return for another season.

In the meantime, we send you our best wishes, and happy digging.

David Johnson and Victoria Spence

Photo 13-07-2017, 16 08 10 (1)

Photo 13-07-2017, 16 08 26 (1)


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